Yunnan Sourcing’s Jinggu “Assamica Big Tree”

I’ve been so enamored with puerh for the past several years, and consequently I’ve largely ignored other types of tea. As a part of choosing to branch out recently, I purchased Yunnan Sourcing’s Jinggu “Assamica Big Tree” black tea.

This tea was a great “welcome back” to black teas. I used 7g of leaf in a 100ml gaiwan. This tea is well balanced and pleasant in every way. Initially, this tea is very thick in the mouth. It pervades every part of the palette with notes of warm chocolate, baked pastries, and a hint of darker fruits.

In later steepings, the tea remains very thick and gives a long lingering hui gan, with an enjoyable bitterness. The slightly astringent sour notes characteristic of some black teas are present in late infusions, but never unpleasant or overwhelming. Upon inspection, it’s obvious that these leaves were handled with care. The leaf integrity is great, which is especially enjoyable with a tea such as this one where the leaves are huge.

In conclusion of this short review, for $4.75/50g there is no reason why you should not buy this tea when placing your next order with Yunnan Sourcing. It’s delicious, affordable, and in my opinion, a very lovely representation of what black teas can be. I think that everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to taste this lovely tea that Scott has provided to the community.

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