The Meaning of Passion

The idea of having a passion is an odd one. I often describe tea as my passion, but I that term means something different to everybody. For some, passion is synonymous with interest or hobby. For some a passion is something placed above all else. For myself, having a passion is something that is placed at the focal point of that individual’s life, and is a means of achieving higher emotional fulfillment. I believe that people use hobbies in order to pursue higher, more abstract ideals and principles. For example, some individuals dedicate their lives to sports. They completely immerse themselves in their sport, and it’s all that they talk about. However, upon inspection, the sport itself is typically not the pursuit of the individual, but rather it’s the lessons learned from the sport. Interests and hobbies may be pursued so deeply by an individual that they begin to discover themselves within its context. There’s a divinity to be found in pursuit. Through an athlete’s trials they find strength and will within themselves. Similarly the pursuit of knowledge and understanding within the scope of tea produces a deep level of introspection akin to cosmological interconnectedness.

Nobody says that their passion is to be complete as a human being. They say that they are passionate about academics, or writing, or sports, etc. Truthfully, these are the means by which one finds the ability to construct themselves into a complete human being, free to navigate their life as the morally complete archetype living in the story that they’ve created.

To me, tea is a means by which I can sit quietly as a man alone, and hear what my being has been yearning to express. The drink itself is enjoyable, but what can be extrapolated on a personal level from the experience of knowing and preparing it is invaluable. Objectivism is an ideology that can destroy the ethereal beauty of all that is tea. I’m an incredibly rational individual, and don’t subscribe to mysticism or vague spirituality. However, in my own experience I’ve come to understand that the abandonment of hyperscientific perspective is necessary to the fruition of the human spirit. To the objectivists let me make myself clear, tea does not cause any of the phenomena that I describe, it is merely an outlet for it.

My message to readers: pursue your interests deeply. Perhaps your search for knowledge is truly a search for yourself. All too often these places that we’ve not gone before are where we find ourselves. Where are you? Staring down into my cup, feeling heat rising up to meet me, it is here that I see the reflection of my soul gazing back at me.

Locate the bounds of determinism and flee them,

Scientific objectivity finds home in the most trivial parts of the soul,

I’ve come to know that I am everywhere that I look, and so are you.



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